Church of Christ Uniting



To show God's love by faithfully worshipping, praying, studying God's word, caring for each other and reaching out to others with the good  news of Christ. 


The Congregationalists (or Puritans) formed a congregation here in 1803.  This congregation later became Presbyterian.  They built the building on this site.  The Methodists formed a congregation here in 1872.  For a century, they worshipped in a building on Main Street which now houses the Trinity Christian Reformed Church. The Methodists and Presbyterians of Richfield Springs united their congregations in 1971.  At the time,  there was hope that there would soon be a new denomination called the Church of Christ Uniting.  We became the first congregation in the nation to take that name.


Many of those who make up our church family are from different Christian backgrounds.  All those who decide to become members of the Church of  Christ Uniting are considered to have full membership in both the United Methodist and Presbyterian USA denominations.